About us

We have extensive experience helping growing and enterprise-level technology companies find the right IT candidates, fast. Over the years we’ve helped place Project Managers, Technical Architects, Designers, Developers and Network Engineers and etc.

Employers: We are partnered with several major jobs portals, consulting companies and all networking sites to find the best candidates to fit your requirements fast. Preferred and featured employer job postings are automatically placed in several job portals and social networking sites to help you find the next IT candidate fast. 

VIP Employers: Our large IT candidate network with over 5 million resumes; we can search, screen, check availability and send you a quality resumes fast. We can reduce your work load substantially. If you are a growing technology company or a large organization, we can help.

Job seekers: Through our collaborative staffing process, we work directly with hiring managers, executives and other staffing or consulting companies to find the perfect match. we can guide you with updating your skills, resume and interview process. If you need help with your H1B visa transfers, we can help! 

Contact: staff@ITtechSTAFF.com