AWS Data Developer

  • Plano, TX, United States
  • Nov 16, 2017

Job Description

Experience in AWS Data Technologies
Experience in Java
Usage of cloud for Data Warehouse and analytics (RedShift)
Cloud Security management, compliance
Experience in Cloud Data pipeline set up and architecture - be st practices

•Experience implementing Serverless Architecture leveragi ng AWS Lambda/Azure Functions.
•Experience Big Data and Real time streaming Analytics architecture on AWS/Azure cloud.
•Polygot programming experience in least 2 or more of fol lowing languages\platforms: Java, Python, Node.js, Scala
•Experience implementing Big Data architecture in DevOps - Continuous Integratio n\Continuous Delivery (CI\CD) Mindset.
•Experience on Cloud Databases : AWS Aurora, DynamoDB, Re dshift, Microsoft CosmosDB.
•Ability to monitor and troubleshoot the “end to en d” data integration environment comprised of data sources, data workf lows and transformations, operating systems, applications, app servers, net works, etc.
•Experience in in a data warehouse environment including warehousing concepts, design and development of complex mappings, and mergi ng data from multiple source systems
•Proficiency with Linux/Unix and ability to write moderat ely complex shell scripts (using ksh, perl, php, etc) to support data integ ration tasks, database maintenance, automation and testing.
•Proficiency in coding moderate to complex SQL logic as p art of data extraction processes. Understanding of logical and physical dat a modeling design concepts.
•Ability to work within a team environment and communicat e effectively with others
•Experience in large migrating data sets to cloud, optimi ze egress costs

•Building and improving a best-in-class cloud tech nology solutions with good problem anticipation and problem solving at the large scale systems level

•Helping with cloud capacity planning, setting up cloud data infrastructure, understanding and optimizing cloud costs

•Partnering with the customer groups responsible fo r architecture definitions, technical implementation

Work Authorization

Citizen, Green Card or H1B