Why Invigilate?

For one week every four months students are scrambling to cram every last formula or definition into their brains in the hopes of passing their CGA exams.  A month prior, the call is put out to members to volunteer their time and invigilate these exams. 

When I was a student, I admired the invigilators not just because they were keeping a careful eye on us, but because I knew that I would one day be a CGA and could have my turn at invigilating an exam as well.  By volunteering it’s like saying thank you to past members who volunteered and took part in the exam process. You are also helping the next batch of CGA students who are working hard to achieve their educational milestones.  There are only two more years of CGA exams left to write, and CGA-BC always needs volunteers. 

If you are interested in volunteering to invigilate the exams, please contact Karin Bury, Coordinator, Student Operations, CGA-BC.

CPA Social & Networking Events

As the profession unifies, all CMABC, CGA-BC, and ICABC Chapters are inviting members and students, regardless of legacy designation, to attend their events. Check out CPABC Events to see the latest social and networking events offered by all the legacy designations. And like a fly attracted to light, I was immediately drawn to all the different events listed in one simple-to-read table. Give me a few dollar signs and percentages and I’m hooked.

Before you register for one of these events, check out this slide deck on What Networking Is and What It Is Not by networking expert, Sue Henry. Thank you to the CPA Recruitment team for sharing! Now get out there and make some meaningful connections. /MW

Congrats to the CGA-BC Grad Class of 2013

On behalf of the entire Vancouver Chapter, congratulations to the entire CGA-BC graduating class of 2013. The class of 2013 comprises of 502 graduates of which 109 are from Vancouver. A special congratulations goes out to our very own Communications Director, Christine Woodington. Christine is my partner-in-crime who enthusiastically blogs on the Bean Express, handles our social media, and helps plan our events. You will frequently see her emceeing our events, working at registration, and mingling at various social events! The road has been long, but everyone has finally made it to the end and a new adventure awaits!

Congratulations to the following new Vancouver Chapter members:

Gurinder  Bandesha, CGA Zhi Wei  Lu, CGA
Tammy  Barratt-Nguyen, CGA Jeffrey D Lun, CGA
David  Barrett, CGA Vinny  Ma, CGA
Matthew Charles Beck, CGA Milosz  Maj, CGA
Leisa J Belanger, CGA Kimberley A Mark, CGA
Shailene U Caparas, CGA Jason C McLeod, CGA
Carolyn Tin Yin Chang, CGA Paige  Meadows, CGA
Fang  Cheng, CGA Farhad  Mistry, CGA
Bin  Cheng, CGA Mary E Mitchell, CGA
Calvin Yuk Keung Cheung, CGA Ola  Mota, CGA
Henry Wei-Hsiung Chu, CGA Wei Hao  Ou, CGA
Jeffrey Brian Clements, CGA Ning Yan  Pang, CGA
Mark  Coffin, CGA Eloisa  Peralta, CGA
Gregory P Crawford, CGA Colleen  Poeta, CGA
Miao Zhi  Dai, CGA Elizabeth  Tello Portilla, CGA
Steven E Dibble, CGA Vicky Kar Pui Lee, CGA
Linda  Do, CGA Oscar  Rodriguez, CGA
Mark  Dunphy, CGA Bernadette  Rooney, CGA
Melanie Kassandra Erickson, CGA Zhi Lu  Ru, CGA
Victoria  Ershov, CGA Shane Curtis Rudy, CGA
Ming  Fang, CGA Jan L Salcedo, CGA
Sara Syt-Ting Fung, CGA Jagpaul Singh Sandhu, CGA
Troy  Gebhart, CGA Mary Catherine Saprikin, CGA
Linda M Gradnitzer, CGA William Andrew Sennin, CGA
Xu Ying  Gu, CGA Roman  Shalagin, CGA
Daljeet K Hair, CGA Maryam  Amin Shanjani, CGA
Elizabeth J Hammett, CGA Amit  Sharma, CGA
Christian M Hammond, CGA Yijun  Shen, CGA
Pamela  Hoang, CGA Amendra  Singh, CGA
Lindsey R Horsting, CGA Cory J Stewart, CGA
Yuliu  Hu, CGA Scott D Suffolk, CGA
Meng Jue  Huang, CGA Sam Yao Sun, CGA
Lin  Huang, CGA Emily Yuk Fan Tang, CGA
Gordon  Huang, CGA Douglas  Tao, CGA
Irina  Im, CGA Zahra  Tashkini, CGA
Tracy S Iu, CGA Matthew  Toma, CGA
Olivia S Iu, CGA Dmitriy  Urbanchik, CGA
Douglas M B Jang, CGA Hitesh Harivadan Vyas, CGA
Melissa  Kanji, CGA Matthew  Wan, CGA
Mark A Kemp-Gee, CGA Jieli  Wang, CGA
Howard  Kung, CGA Shauna  Whittall, CGA
Min-Hung  Kuo, CGA Sze-Wing  Wong, CGA
Louise  Kwok, CGA Steven  Wong, CGA
Daniel E Labarca, CGA Christine M Woodington, CGA
Tse Wayne  Lai, CGA Yue  Xi, CGA
Adrian  Lam, CGA Ying  Yang, CGA
Cian G Lawlor, CGA Yu-Hsuan  Yang, CGA
Bobby  Lee, CGA Jillian  Yeomans, CGA
Briony Charlotte Hurn Lennig, CGA Lu  Yu, CGA
Vincent  Leung, CGA Yachen  Zhang, CGA
Yan  Li, CGA Miranda Xiaoyu Zhao, CGA
Yun  Li, CGA Yun  Zhao, CGA
Mindy Man Yee Li, CGA Cui Fei  Zhou, CGA
Dun  Liu, CGA Ying  Zhuang, CGA
Yuen Ting  Lo, CGA


Vancouver Chapter Award Winners

We want to take opportunity to single out (in a good way) and congratulate the 2013 award winners that hail from the Vancouver Chapter. There are definitely some smart cookies in our region!

Congratulations to the following Vancouver Chapter award winners:

James Dai CGA-BC Level 2 Award and Jazzit Scholarship
Niki Westman Dave Elder Memorial Prize in Accounting
Kin Hung Yong Robert Half International Award
Britt Lampe David B Reid Scholarship
Bertram Steinmanis CCH Canadian Limited Scholarship—TX2

The CGA-BC Educational Foundation annually awards a number of scholarships to CGA-BC students. Awards are presented to students with the highest exam mark, during an academic year. /MW

Join BC’s Professional Accountants for the 2013 Annual Small Business Luncheon

In recognition of Small Business Month in British Columbia, the Honourable Naomi Yamamoto, Minister of State for Tourism and Small Business, will be the featured speaker at this exclusive luncheon bringing government, small business leaders and BC’s professional accountants together.

CGAs, CAs, and CMAs are invited to see the Minister receive the Small Business Roundtable’s Eighth Annual Report to Government, and address government’s commitment to BC’s small business sector. Members are encouraged to invite small business employers and clients to attend as well.

Where: Pan Pacific Hotel, Crystal Ballroom, 999 Canada Place, Vancouver
When: Thursday, October 10, 2013
Registration & Reception 11:30 am – 12:00 pm
Lunch and Presentation 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Cost: $40 per person (Price includes tax)

For more information, contact Pardeep Clair at (604) 730-6228, or toll free (800) 565-1211.